The application allows you to analyze several forms of distance sampling data
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Distance is a program for design and analysis of distance sampling surveys of wildlife populations. The program can analyze several forms of distance sampling data: line transect, point transect (variable circular plot) and cue-counts. It takes two forms: a Windows-based program and a suite of packages for the statistical programming language R.

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  • Question: After I downloaded Distance version 6.2 release 1 for Windows 7, an error message immediately appeared when I tried to it. I work with Windows 64bit. What is the solution?

    I confirm the software is working on Windows 7 64bit just fine. As you will see below, the image was running on specified version of Windows. Before I started the installation, Run as Administrator was selected after right click was used on the file.

    Download the software again to avoid corruption: http://distancesampling.org/Distance/old-versions/downloads/d62setup.exe


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